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【Chairman of the board of directors】 【Japan branch President】
Our company established in 1974, 30 years ago, acquired approval of the ultrasonic apparatus for medical treatments for the first time in China, and it has led the field of the Chinese ultrasonic apparatus for medical treatments until it continues up to now. CZ901 type HIFU to which our company succeeded in research and development is proud of top-class technology also in the world. I want to contribute to the cancer medical treatment in the world with the ultrasonic technology of our company from now on. Cancer became the top of the Japanese cause of death 1981, and, now, cancer forms about 30 percent of the cause of death.
Also globally, this is in this tendency.

We are intentions to do one's best since familiar in order to lose and to prevent cancer, and so that a cancer patient can undergo this medical treatment by our HIFU system at an early stage and he can lead the life which maintained QOL.
Corporate outline
Chairman of the board of directors: Mr. Yurui Fu
Head office address: 18 Xingsheng Street, Changhong Blvd., Mianyang, Sichuan, CHINA
TEL +86-816-2334368   FAX +86-816-2321650
Japan branch President: Mrs. Yuriko Uchino
Japan branch address: 5941-2 Tsunomiya, Katori-Shi, Chiba, Japan
TEL +81-478-57-2648  FAX +81-478-50-5222
MEIL info@mshifu.com
URL http://www.mshifu.com/
Establishment: April, 1974
Capital: US$ 2,540,000 .-
Main business: 1.Spread enterprise of HIFU.
2.Develop and sales in medical instruments.
3.Develop and sales in medical software.
4.Import and Export of medical instruments.
Associated company: Iryou-support Inc.
MianYang Sonic Medical Systems Inc.
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